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The brainchild of Editor, George Chapman and Creative Director Thomas Howlett, The Clubman is a magazine and blog inspired by accessible, amateur road racing and all the associated sights, smells and paraphernalia that comes with it. The notion that anyone can hit the track and compete with like-minded individuals, on an equal playing field, excites us a great deal. As has always been the case, club racers work hard to pay bills during the week, but come the weekend, paint race numbers to their cars and bikes and go racing.

Encompassing a spirit of competitiveness that everyone can aspire too - on either two or four wheels, motor racing at clubman level allows you to do more than just dream about becoming a racing driver/rider, but actually become one, without the huge costs and gravity of the pro's.

We pride ourselves on producing great features containing stunning design and photography supported by sharp, engaging copy. The Clubman operates in a gentlemanly manner that is spawned from a love of the sport. We care about true enthusiast's cars and bikes that display a form follows function ethos - posers, ape-hangars, polishers and fashionistas are well catered for elsewhere. The Clubman is intelligent, practical, helpful and approachable - there is no snobbiness here. Aspirational but tangible, The Clubman is upmarket but never pompous.

Machines featured are competition-inspired road and/or race-biased, displaying a driver/rider-orientated, lightweight theme throughout. Almost all will proudly display their battle scars. If this sounds like you and your machine, please do get in touch as we'd love to hear from you.

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George Chapman & Thomas Howlett

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To achieve anything in this game you must be prepared to dabble in the boundary of disaster.


A child of the early eighties and one-time campaigner of the original Raleigh Burner BMX, George bought his first motoring magazine in 1989 – a copy of CAR featuring a road test with the then new Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959 entitled, 'There will never be another month like this'.

Following editorial roles at Visordown, Auto Express, CarBuyer, Toyota and DRIVE by H.R. Owen, George also held the UK Editor's role at Classic Driver. Based in London and a keen historic motorcycle road racer in his spare time, George's passion for creative ideas and print publishing is second only to his love of speed and the thrill of competition.

Twitter - @Geo_Chapman

Instagram - GeorgeGreaser

George Chapman - Editor, The Clubman


His fanatical biker father indoctrinated Thomas at a young age with endless tales of Black Shadows on disused WW2 airforce runways. It could have put him off for life but he found sanctuary ragging his Honda 90 step-through complete with hand painted Kevin Schwantz livery across indiscriminate North Norfolk fields and never lost the bug.

A brand consultant by trade Thomas has worked for and alongside some of the worlds best known brands such as Nike, Harrods, Christian Louboutin, Soho House Group and many more. In the summer of 2013 he founded the studio Bred & Born as an outlet for all creative activities. The ethos of the studio is to lead by example and prioritise collaborative projects with like-minded, visionary people.

Twitter - @BredAndBorn

Instagram - BredAndBorn