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Coupe Moto Legende 2015

Returning to Dijon Prenois circuit in central France for the fourth consecutive year, the appeal of the brilliant Coupe Moto Legende festival (for me) is stronger than ever. Riding the ex-Grand Prix circuit in a spirited manner and the typically continental laissez-faire restrictions makes it a difficult event to resist. This year, it also provided the perfect environment to iron out any development issues with the 350 Manx Norton, a machine that is entered in the Lansdowne Classic Series in 2015.

The 2015 event once again attracted in excess of 30,000 people over the two days in late May, proving that classic road and racing motorcycles remain a sizeable draw on the continent, for both riders and spectators. The quality and breadth of machines displayed on track was very impressive – witnessing flat-track ace Frank Chatokhine chasing a very special BMW RS 51 on his quick Triumph twin was fantastic to watch.

Fitted with several new parts including a brilliant new Tomaselli throttle, the 350 Manx Norton I was riding in 'Series E' – a group for pre-1968 racing motorcycles between 175cc-350cc provided around 20 highly memorable laps. Despite being slightly under-geared, reaching close to 8,000rpm halfway along the main straight in top gear, it performed better and better throughout the weekend. The 1954/1959 350 Manx is a machine that thrives on revs and it is important to ensure it is kept 'on the boil' to return a good lap time.

Sleeping at the track, our paddock camp also included Mike Pemberton of Pushrod Performance with his very impressive 'Poor man's Manx', Norton 500 ES2.

Later in August, the plan is to ride at Geddine in Belgium, you'll find coverage of the event here on The Clubman, shortly after.